23 April 2018

Tokujin Yoshioka presented the latest Blossom Stool with new materials

A stool inspired by Louis Vuitton's petal monogram - Tokujin Yoshioka presents
the sliver metal and champagne gold 'Blossom Stool' from Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades Collection 2018.

First presented in 2016, 'Blossom Stool' reflects the techniques of Louis Vuitton's craftsmanship with wood, leather and metal cultivated through the maison's long history. The design represents the motion and structure of blooming petals - the transformation from a bud to a flower.

At Milan Design Week 2018, the latest 'Blossom Stool' in sliver metal and champagne gold will be added to the collection.

Tokujin Yoshioka combines the symbolism of Louis Vuitton's history and the futuristic aesthetic of silver and gold to give the impression of a trip through time.

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TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA Salone del Mobile 2018

12 April 2018

We are pleased to announce that Tokujin Yoshioka is presenting
the latest projects at Salone del Mobile 2018.


‘MATRIX chair’ features an innovative 3D structure
- the latest designs join the ‘MATRIX’ series.

Period| Tuesday 17th April - Sunday 22nd April
Venue| Rho Fiera Milano, Hall 20 - Stand A15 B14

Glas Italia
Starlight designed by TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA

'Starlight - Glass Table' and 'Starlight - Mirror' are the result of
the latest collaboration with Glas Italia.

Period| Tuesday 17th April - Sunday 22nd April
Venue| Rho Fiera Milano, Hall 16 - Stand C23 D20

Prismatic Cloud - Allen Center Art Project

12 February 2018

We are pleased to announce that the sculptural work, Prismatic Cloud by Tokujin Yoshioka,  has installed at Allen Center in Houston, U.S.

"Prismatic Cloud" is a sculptural work made of light, transcending concepts of shape by giving figure to all human senses utilizing immaterial elements.

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©︎SL Hon @ Slyworks Photography

THREE New skincare products

13 December 2017

We are pleased to announce that Tokujin designed the new skin care products for Japanese cosmetic brand THREE.

The triangular form and the texture created by molding natural stone surface

Natural x Honest x Creative − these elements represent the brand THREE.
This philosophy is symbolized in the triangular form, and by tracing natural stone texture, the design emphasizes the power of nature.

The natural stone pattern applied to cap reflects the beauty and essence of the nature. The pattern is harmonized with elegantly soft texture, and emphasizes the high quality of the product.

The triangular form is delicately tapered from the top to the bottom. This unique detail fits hand comfortably, and brings deep connection between mind, body and the three elements of THREE.

By unifying the earth, the nature and human, the design not only awakes all senses, but also brings hidden charm of oneself and leads to a praise of the beauty.

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11 October 2017


Tokujin Yoshioka is a globally renowned designer whose unique works have been highly acclaimed. His perspective is both poetic and thought provoking. He has been exploring the essence of creation while focusing on glass that must be perfect material to capture light.

We hope you enjoy discovering his work on glass from his early masterpiece "Water Block" to his new watch creation  "Glass Watch".

Title |TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA Glass Project
Date|Thursday 2nd November - Monday 13th November 2017
Venue|Gallery 3, 21_21DESIGN SIGHT (9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Glass Watch

11 October 2017

"Glass Watch" -  The watch created out of solid glass
Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka

We are pleased to announce that Tokujin’s new project “Glass Watch” will be released as the 16th series of ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project.  
This watch created out of solid glass is a sculpture of light which transcends human senses.

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Dom Pérignon x Tokujin Yoshioka

13 September 2017

Dom Pérignon has invited international contemporary artists such as Karl Lagerfeld, David Lynch and Jeff Koons for their collaborative projects.

Tokujin Yoshioka was invited the first time to collaborate on the creation of the limited-edition art piece "Prism", gift box and the bottle label.







"Prism" - Art Piece by Tokujin Yoshioka

The crystal art piece "Prism" is handcrafted by Baccarat.
Light pass through transparent prism and bottle surface which refract light, and bring the art piece to life in a spectrum of colors.
This spatial art of light consists of four prisms, and light radiates outward from the dark center of the art piece.

Please visit  PROJECT  to find out more information.

Dom Pérignon x Tokujin Yoshioka

08 September 2017

We are pleased to announce that Tokujin Yoshioka will present the first collaboration with the internationally acclaimed French champaign brand Dom Pérignon.






Dom Pérignon


25 May 2017

Shogunzuka Seiryu-den, Kyoto ー until Sunday 10th September 2017 ー
Exhibition travels from Kyoto to new destinations.

"KOU-AN Glass Tea House" at Shogunzuka Seiryu-den in Kyoto has only 3 more months left until the closing of the exhibition.
Thanks to the great responses and supports, "KOU-AN Glass Tea House" has welcomed many visitors from inside and outside Japan.

 The design of the project was presented at Glasstress 2011, the collateral event of the 54th La Biennale di Vennezia. In the spring 2015, after 5 years from the presentation of the design, “KOU-AN Glass Teahouse” was finally unveiled at the stage of Seiryu-den, which is in a precinct of Tendai Sect Shoren-in Temple.

"KOU-AN" is the art-piece of tracing the origin of Japanese culture that exists in our unconscious sensation by perceiving the time that is created along with nature. The exhibition will travel from Kyoto to the destinations around the world, and we hope that it brings a new experience to think of the origin of Japanese culture.

We will continue crating works of art that people can please experiencing them.

Venue:  Kyoto Shogunzuka Seiryu-den
Address:  28 Zushiokukacho-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Closing date:  Sunday 10th September 2017
Opening hours:  9am - 17:00pm (Reception finishes at 16:30pm)
Access:  20 min by taxi from Kyoto station
20 min by taxi from Keage station of Tozai Line
30 min walk from Sect Shorenin Temple (Higashi-yama trail)

Shogunzuka Seiryu-den HP

Please visit  EXHIBITION  to find out more information.

LOUIS VUITTON x Tokujin Yoshioka

25 April 2017

Blossom Stool  
Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka

We are pleased to announce that Tokujin presented “Blossom Stool" - the first collaboration with LOUIS VUITTON - in Italy for the first time during Milano Design Week.

A symbolic stool inspired by the Louis Vuitton monogram of petals - this stool is designed with natural structure which represents the motion of blooming petals transformed from a bud.

Please visit PRODUCT to find out more information.

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