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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Born from nature

Nature provides us astonishiment that is beyond our imagination. We may be shaken by its power, be struck with awe and praise the inscrutable beauty simultaneously. What exactly are these feeling? Why can nature move our hearts? And how do we sense it?

I think the answer to these questions lies in the mechanism of life inscribed in human, which is outside the reach of memory or senses. Life of human is also given from nature, which evolved from the harmony of the myriad of chances and necessity. That is why it feels to me that there are the mechanism of unifying the connection between human and nature within our lives.

Nature may not actively produce “beauty”, but it is filled with energy to create it. I infused the exhibition tile “Crystallize” with meaning of “creating works from crystallizing the energy of nature.”

 Works of crystal take their forms as if power of nature animates them and an architecture formed by light composes beautiful pieces of poem. Resonating with life, energy of nature appears in the works of art. 

Forms of works generated from nature go beyond our imagination. They take their own figures by reacting with nature and its hidden energy that move our heart. This is the liberation from the concept of formation and techniques.
And there exists my answer to the future.

*The works exhibited at this exhibition works are work of art, and are copyrighted works protected by the Copyright Act.