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TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA _ SPECTRUM - Resonant rainbows radiate from prisms


Light - Yoshioka wonders why natural light is so attractive to us.
Sunlight, moonlight and shimmers of water - the beauty of them has mystic energy that cannot be fully grasped.
Natural light that all living creatures can sense its power has infinite colours in its whiteness and transparency.

Focusing on the relationship between man and the natural world, Yoshioka has explored the sensations that natural light brings to us with his studies and experiments.
Since Sir Isaac Newton, a “natural philosopher”, first demonstrated that the sun’s rays can be separated into their constituent colours using a clear polyhedral prism, man has been fascinated by the relationship between, and the significance of, light and colour.

In this exhibition, Yoshioka presented his latest installation "Spectrum".
This experience offers an almost mystical journey through light, with seemingly infinite rainbow colours radiate from prisms.
The sculpture made of 200 prisms on the wall refracts some 4000 of rainbow rays. Inspired by the relationship between man and natural light, this installation coveys the aura of nature, the passage of time and the beauty of light itself, and aims to arouse human senses conveying the mystery of rainbow rays refracted through prisms.

*The works exhibited at this exhibition works are work of art, and are copyrighted works protected by the Copyright Act.