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    19 July 2019

    We are pleased to announce that Tokujin Yoshioka designed the HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE's first flagship store newly opened in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo.

    You can watch the process of the pleats being created in the workshop where the pleating machine sits. In this space that depicts the contrast between the texture steadily being produced and the futuristic machine, we find the reflection of making things of ISSEY MIYAKE, which is a fusion of experimental technology and handcraft.

    Please visit WORKS for more information.

    Address: 3-18-14 Minami Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo
  • The TOKYO 2020 Olympic Torch

    21 March 2019

    − Design of the Olympic flame −

    I designed the TOKYO 2020 Olympic Torch in the wishes for peace and healing of hearts in the disaster-hit area.

    The cherry blossom emblems I drew with children in the recovering area inspired me. Those cherry blossoms were all vibrant, as if they symbolize the spirit of the people trying to overcome and restart from the disaster. I aimed to convey this power to the world through my design.

    What I designed is not merely the form of the TOKYO 2020 Olympic Torch, but the form of Olympic flame itself. The five flames surrounded by the petals become one Olympic flame to give hope to all the people in the world to live in peace.

    In 2020, the Olympic flame will traverse throughout Japan like cherry blossoms blooming, and lights our way to hope.

    Tokujin Yoshioka
  • ‘Glass Tea House − KOU-AN’ is coming to the National Art Center, Tokyo

    13 March 2019

    ‘Glass Tea House − KOU-AN’ is coming to the National Art Center, Tokyo from this spring.
    We hope the "Glass Tea House" would bring you to an experience to sense the history and future of Japan.

    ‘Glass Tea House − KOU-AN’ which made its debut at the 54th La Biennale di Venezia in 2011, and which was also unveiled to great acclaim on the Shogunzuka Seiryu-den stage, Tendai Sect Shoren-in, Kyoto, is coming to the National Art Center, Tokyo, together with the unique and lauded ‘Water Block’ glass bench, which is part of the Paris Musée d’Orsay collection.

    Wed. 17th April 2019 − Mon. 10th May 2021
    Venue|In front of the Main Entrance of the National Art Center, Tokyo
    Opening hours|Follows the opening hours of the National Art Center, Tokyo
    Closing days|Tuesdays and the New Year holidays
    *On Tuesdays that fall on national holidays the Center will be open, and closed the next weekday.
    With the sponsorship of NTT Urban Development Corporation

    Please visit WORKS for more information.
  • Galaxy Harajuku Architectural Facade Design

    12 March 2019

    We are pleased to announce that Tokujin designed the architectural facade for Galaxy Harajuku, which opened on March 12th.

    Media Surface

    Architectural facade composed of light with sense of future.
    Transparent layer of light floating in the air emerges as a memory for the future.
    Projected by more than 1000 smartphones, the image illuminates the new vision orchestrated by Galaxy's technology.

    Tokujin Yoshioka

    Please visit WORKS for more information.
    Adress : 1-8-9 Jingumae Shibuya, Tokyo
  • LOUIS VUITTON Blossom Vase

    07 March 2019

    Tokujin Yoshioka presents 'Blossom Vase' in collaboration with Louis Vuitton Objet Nomades at Salone del Mobile 2019.

    'Blossom Vase' is a collection of two vases inspired from Louis Vuitton's monogram pattern that symbolize the maison's history.

    The light refracted through the twisted glass gives a sense of wonder. The design plays upon more than just a glass, and appears as a sculptural piece of light.

    Please visit WORKS for more information.
  • “Glass Tea House − KOU-AN” will travel across Japan towards the year 2020. 

    28 August 2018

    We are pleased to announce that the “Glass Tea House − KOU-AN” will begin travelling across Japan towards the year 2020.
    The concept design of the “Glass Tea House − KOU-AN” was presented at the Glasstress 2011, the collateral event of the 54th La Biennale di Venezia. In 2015, the teahouse was first unveiled at the stage of Seiryu-den which is in a precinct of Tendai Sect Shoren-in, Kyoto, and was in the limelight worldwide.
    Now the teahouse will travel to Saga prefecture, and it will be exhibited at the Saga Prefectural Art Museum from November 28th, 2018. The teahouse is also planned to be seen in Tokyo in 2019.

    Saga Prefectural Art Museum Exhibition

    In this exhibition, Tokujin showcases the installation of “Glass Tea House - KOU-AN” inside a white exhibition space along with some of his renowned art works such as Water Block (2002), which is permanently displayed at Musée d' Orsay in Paris, and Waterfall (2006).

    Title|TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA_Glass Tea House − KOU-AN
    Exhibition|Wednesday, November 28th 2018 − Monday, February 11th 2019
    Venue|Saga Prefectural Art Museum
    Address|1-15-23 Jonai, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 840-0041
    Admission fee|Adults / University Students: ¥1,300 ; Advance / discount tickets: ¥1,100

    Organized by Saga Prefectural Art Museum, Saga Television Station Co. Ltd, and Saga Shimbun Co. Ltd.
    With the cooperation of TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA INC.

    08 June 2018

    We are pleased to announce that Tokujin Yoshioka designedthe newly opened ISSEY MIYAKE shop located at Brook Street in the Mayfair district of London.

    - Floating sculpture and clothes -

    The 200 square-meter space, spread across three floors, features a symbolic giant 12m-long form.

    It has the appearance of a sculpture, while at the same time serving as a hanger pipe to display the clothes as if they are floating in mid air.

    The innovative making things of ISSEY MIYAKE are represented in this minimal space.

    Please visit WORKS for more information.

    Address: 33 Brook Street, London, W1K 4HG, The United Kingdom
  • LOUIS VUITTON Blossom Stool

    23 April 2018

    Tokujin Yoshioka presented the latest Blossom Stool with new materials

    A stool inspired by Louis Vuitton's petal monogram - Tokujin Yoshioka presents the sliver metal and champagne gold 'Blossom Stool' from Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades Collection 2018.

    First presented in 2016, 'Blossom Stool' reflects the techniques of Louis Vuitton's craftsmanship with wood, leather and metal cultivated through the maison's long history. The design represents the motion and structure of blooming petals - the transformation from a bud to a flower.

    At Milan Design Week 2018, the latest 'Blossom Stool' in sliver metal and champagne gold will be added to the collection.

    Tokujin Yoshioka combines the symbolism of Louis Vuitton's history and the futuristic aesthetic of silver and gold to give the impression of a trip through time.

    Please visit WORKS for more information.
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